Monkeys of LaGrande - Star Fences
Release Date: 02.07.2021 (Digital)

"Star Fences is the second single of Monkeys of LaGrande.

About the song: "Star Fences is a one-day encounter that lasts a lifetime, filled with a sequence of emotions that cannot be described by words. It is a ticking clock in a journey through the stars, beyond all barriers and floating together, towards the next time"

Music: Luk LaGrande
Production: Luk LaGrande
Mix & Mastering: Andrea Corvo

Guitars: Hernan Spalletta
Keys and Synths: Thomson Knoles
Bass: Luk LaGrande
Drums: Danyal Ince
Artwork: kostandin.k
Cover Layout: Tim Buel
Promotion: Hell Music Agency